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  A pawn for the queen. The Royal Marine Muscle Mechanics.  A short story  By

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Model D Indoor Rower

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How many Slides do I need?

Two Slides are required to “float” one Concept2 Indoor Rower.

If you plan to connect indoor rowers together, one additional Slide is needed for each additional machine that you connect (i.e., two indoor rowers need three Slides.

Slides The professional on water feeling



Introducing the Freemotion  range at Lakes Studio Marsa sports club




Sir Steve RedgraveWhat one of the worlds finest athletes ever has got to say about the Concept 2

"If you're thinking of getting fitter, losing some weight and generally improving your health, in my opinion the single best fitness machine for you is the Concept 2 Indoor Rower. Throughout my rowing career, it formed one of the main building blocks of my training. No matter how hard I tried, I could never beat it. It never broke and it never let me down. The quality of the machine, the similarity to rowing on the water and the accuracy of the feedback enabled me to attain a level of fitness and mental toughness far beyond anything I had achieved in my early days. It gave me the confidence to take on the world and, well, you know the rest"...

"Now that I've retired from competition, my training needs are different. My work and family commitments mean that I have very little time to exercise and, like everybody else, I need to combat the dreaded middle-age spread. I've also got a new target as I am aiming to break the world charity fundraising record in the 2006 Flora London Marathon to raise funds for the Steve Redgrave Trust, which is working to improve opportunities for young people across the UK. Yet, despite all these changes, and despite all the pain it has put me through in the past, it's still the Concept 2 Indoor Rower that I find myself turning to. It's the best all-round fitness machine in the world, and suitable for anybody, not just international athletes!

"Because the machine gives you the best workout around, exercising all the major muscle groups, it's incredibly time efficient, making it possible to have a really good session in just thirty minutes a day. Equally important for me is the fact that it's weight-bearing and impact-free. At my age, it's not possible to endlessly pound the streets. If I'm going to line up at the marathon in the best possible shape, it's the Indoor Rower that's going to get me there. In no time at all I know I can improve my stamina and shed a few of those extra pounds I've put on since retirement.

"I have known the people from Concept 2 for over 25 years now, and it is no surprise to me that they have transformed what was once simply a training machine for rowers into the best fitness machine in the world. The product, the support and the company are all first class. Even though I am rarely going to be in a boat again, the Indoor Rower will still be my training companion for many years to come."

Sir Steve Redgrave June 2005

 Winner  of 5 Olympic Gold medals

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Concept 2 racing is Europe's fastest growing indoor sport

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A Pawn for the Queen - Book and  award winning short story   By Ken Lake     Click here to read more >>

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